Aluminum Composite

Commercial Sign Material

Aluminum Composite Sign Material

Aluminum Composite material is lightweight and sturdy which is best to make long-lasting signs for real estate, corporate offices, retail stores, river crossing, and large facilities. The material consists of aluminum sheets glued to a solid polyethylene core and is ideally used for a professional and signature look.

ACM is of durable quality and is ideal for outdoor signs as it can withstand harsh weather conditions and do not rust. We ensure to laminate aluminum signs with 3M vinyl to provide protection from chemicals and other harmful substances.

The most common uses of them are for construction signs, directional signs, way-finding signs, real estate signs, menu board signs, and others alike. Because of their marvelous durability and style, aluminum signs are the most popular material in the signage industry.

Available Aluminum Composite Material

The best thing about ACM is that it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor displays with a smooth finish. They can be cut and molded into diverse shapes and sizes and are waterproof as well. Another benefit that makes it perfect is that it does not require a lot of fasteners, which means that it saves money and effort in the installation of signs made from ACM. Our metal signs can be printed and fabricated into unlimited colors for creating logos and fonts display either it's single-sided or double-sided. Their quality and rigidness make Aluminum Composite material resistant to bending or warping over time. The possibilities that ACM provides for sign making are endless and are used by vast industries for their signage needs.

Aluminum Composites are available in different thickness sizes. The 3 Mil ACM works best for interior displays in offices and property signs whereas 6 Mil ACM is thicker and ideal for outdoor signs like dimensional or river-crossing. This material has a long term lifespan with 3 Mil ACM lasting for more than 5 years and 6 MIL ACM for a much longer time period.

We are very cautious about printing quality which is why we thoroughly inspect your design file to create an absolutely perfect piece without any compromises. The final masterpiece is inspected to neaten the sharp edges and smoothed to avoid any scratches to human skin while unwrapping the delivered sign. The installation holes are precision punched instead of drilling which creates a smooth clean mounting hole.


These versatile signs can be applied in a variety of places which include but is not limited to;

  • Nameplate
  • Logo interior
  • Stores
  • Offices or reception areas
  • Directional Signage
  • Public parks and pool directions
  • Traffic signs
  • Real Estate signs
  • Informational signs


  • Drilled through a wall and attached with bolts, standoffs
  • Traditional screws (Wooden or concrete wall)


  •       Drilled through a wall and attached with bolts, standoffs
  •       Traditional screws (Wooden or concrete wall)
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