Polystyrene Foam Clad

Foamboard Sign Material

Sintra board is a paneling made from PVC(polyvinyl chloride) that is used to make Signs that are durable, versatile, lightweight, and cost-effective for indoor displays. It is a foam board that serves as the best option when you need a professional and portable board or signage for your business or an event. These are ideal for indoor use, but we do not recommend them for outdoor because they are not weather resistant. You can use real estate and other yard signs if you are looking for outdoor-friendly signs.

The material that is used to make foam board is inexpensive, which is why it is a perfect choice to display signs in large one-time events. Blue Dot Signs has outperformed other companies who are limited in shape cutting of foam board, unlike them, we have all the tools to cut them in characters, cartoons, product shapes, and what not!

Foam boards also are known as ‘foam core’ are commonly used and customized for corporate and educational presentations, special deals displayed in stores and malls, point-of-sale places, and many more areas.

Available Foamboard Material

The printing is transferred on the foam board using four-color UV ink which creates high quality and durable graphics that do not fade for over 2 years. You can also get similar or different graphics printed on both sides of the board and make optimal use of the space and money. We never want to limit your thinking by offering standard size, in fact, we offer smaller to larger sizes as well. Foam boards are offered in different thicknesses such as 3/16”, 1/4″, 1/2”, and 1” thickness. The thicker the board is, the less likely it is to be bent or damaged so we always suggest to our clients to opt for a thicker option for long-lasting use.

The finishing of the foam board sign is available in matte or semi-gloss appearance. They can be displayed anywhere either floor, table, walls, and many more. Foam board signs are available basically in landscape and portrait orientation.


The Foam board signs can be used in diverse locations which include but is not limited to;

  • Way-finding
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Menu boards
  • Yard signs
  • Gallery and display information
  • Trade Show signage
  • Conferences and Presentations
  • Presentations
  • Wall Art
  • Exhibitions


  • Hang it from the ceiling
  • Attach it to a wall with suction cups, double-sided tape, nails, or screws
  • Place them on an easel
  • Command strips
  • Velcro or other adhesives


  • Handle carefully when lifting or moving it to prevent damage
  • Do not place heavy objects on the foam board
  • Prevent from water or moisture
  • Gently clean with dry cloth
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