Styrene Sign Material

Man-made plastics provide a durable and affordable base for many types of signs. Styrene is a thin gauge and lightweight plastic that is flexible enough to be rolled and folded, but has enough stability to maintain its shape when flat. It can work for indoor or temporary outdoor use, and its ability to be folded makes it a common choice for portable signs at events and tradeshows.

Available Styrene Material

Options For Styrene

Styrene sign material is an expanded thermoplastic that is made from a polystyrene resin. It is bendable, especially in thinner films, and can be manipulated without tearing. The material can be rolled, but will lay flat when unrolled. It also will not crease or curl at the edges. Sheets of factory made styrene material come in different thicknesses depending on the use of the sign. The most commonly use thicknesses are:

  • .02”
  • .03”
  • .06”

Thinner styrene is best for posters and backed signs such as menu boards or promotional banners. Unsupported signs are often made with a thicker styrene for greater stability.

available styrene material
styrene sign material

Printing Specifications

As a base material for signs, styrene comes in opaque white, and the design is printed directly onto the plastic. This makes it possible to print colors accurately with high saturation. When the design requires a colored background, the color is printed onto the styrene as well. Other printing specifications include:

  • Single or Double Sided Printing – Signs can have printing on one or both sides. This allows a sign to be reversible or viewed for opposite directions.
  • Full Color Printing – Styrene signs are printed with direct digital printing, translating a design file as is onto the plastic. PMS color matching can also assist in color accuracy.
  • UV Cured Inks – Inks are dried using ultraviolet lights. This makes the graphics fade resistant in sunlight. Direct sunlight for extended periods of time can eventually cause the sign colors to diminish.

Styrene prints are matte finished, and can also be laminated for additional protection.

Installing and Transporting Styrene Signs

Styrene signs can be used as either a permanent or temporary installation. Depending on where they will go, we can add hardware, or they can be hung with store bought adhesives at your site. Options for lightweight posters include:

  • Drilled Holes
  • Clips
  • Command Strips

When not in use, a styrene sign can be rolled or folded without developing creases. The overall sign is lightweight, making it easy to carry.

pvc sign material

The thinnest styrene signs weigh 0.14lbs per square foot and the 0.06” thick signs weigh 0.37lbs per square foot. Styrene posters can last for over 10 years when used indoors, and at least 3 years with exterior use. Signs that are used non continuously and stored correctly will last longer. Unlike other plastics like PVC, styrene will not yellow over time. It is also waterproof, fade-resistant, and has high impact resistance.

Order Styrene Signs from Blue Dot Signs

Blue Dot Signs manufacturers signs in a variety of materials, including styrene posters. We offer both standard and fully customized options on the signs we create for our clients, and can assist you in choosing both materials and design elements. Contact our team at 908-486-7000 or [email protected] to speak more about styrene and other material options for your signs.