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Indoor And Outdoor Signs Installation and Maintenance NJ

At Blue dot signs, we have a team of Graphic designers, innovators, experts, planners who are always here to help you with your projects. Our team is filled with skilled and innovative people who have played a great role in raising this company. At Blue dot signs, besides providing you the Signage we also provide you all the possible signage services. We have consultation services, repair services, survey services, and much more for you.

Blue dot Signs is a full-service sign company, on which you can trust and rely on your projects. We serve many areas including Brooklyn, NYC, Manhattan, New-Jersey, etc. We are the best sign makers through these areas with quick turnaround services and quality material.

Sign Installation

At Blue dot signs, we have sign installation services that are provided by our experts. They can install any type of sign and decals and graphics by coming to your place. Our experts play an important role in the installation of Signs, by making sure that the quality of the signs is not disturbed – it remains the same. Installing signs could be difficult and especially when you have to see that your signs and graphics do not get damaged in this process. So let us take care of your installations with our affordable rates. No matter if you want to install the custom fabricated blade signs, custom-designed decals, lightbox signs, channel letters, office signs, or any other types of signs we can help you install them.

You can learn more on our Sign installation page.

Custom Services

Sign Maintenance

Buying Signs could be easy but what when they need repair or maintenance? For that, we sign repair and maintenance services for you. You can get your signs repaired and maintained anywhere you want. You just have to give us a call and we will take care of your signs. Broken signs can leave a very bad impact on your customers. The signs are the identity of your brand. They are advertising your brand on a large scale, so they must be taken care of. At Blue dot sings, we have the most skilled people in the industry who can repair any sign.

Learn more on our Sign maintenance page.

CNC Cutting

With our CNC services, we provide you with finely cut edges. With the CNC Routing and cutting, we are committed to providing you best signs with clear cut edges. We are here to make sure that our customers are getting the best quality products. Some signs have always required a specific and professional look, CNC routing helps us get those looks. At Blue dot signs, we have the right technologies for your signs.

To learn more about our CNC Cutting visit our CNC Cutting page.

Survey Services

In our survey services, once we are done with the initial stage, our experts take a survey to your sites and see whether the signs are suitable for your site or not. Our experts are here to make sure that your products play a great role when installed on your sites.

To learn more visit our Site survey Page.

Contact Blue Dot Signs Today To Get Started

Call us at 908-486-7000 or email us at info@bluedotsigns.com. and let our team help you in building the best sign for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Am I Limited to Custom Sizes and Shapes?

    Certain machinery does come with some limitations. That said, we have all of the latest in design technology, and can provide large format printing and other custom services that allow us to create unique and interesting sizes and shapes for you. If you have a design need, no matter its size, let us know. Rarely will it be a problem, but if for any reason we can’t do it, we’ll let you know what options are available. 

  • Can you provide instructions for how to care for my sign?

    Yes. Proper maintenance, suitable for each type of custom sign, is critical in making sure they look good for longer and won’t need serious repairs later on. We give each customer detailed instructions on how to best clean, display, and store their sign based on what materials it’s made of and any custom features it has. If maintenance is difficult for them to carry out themselves, we can recommend how often professionals like our sign technicians should carry out regular maintenance. 

  • How much will my sign or sign service cost?

    We strive to keep all of our sign services as affordable as possible because we recognize how crucial signage is for all kinds of businesses. In order to do this we can provide free quotes for your order that includes the price of all the sign related services you need. You can fill out a free quote request on our website at www.bluedotsigns.com/request-a-quote. You can email us with any questions about your order or a quote at info@bluedotsigns.com. 

  • What areas do you provide in person services like sign installation and repair?

    We primarily service clients in the New Jersey, New York City, and surrounding areas, like Pennsylvania. If you don’t fall within that service area and you need your sign to be repaired, installed, or anything else, we can connect you with someone in your area who can help. If you need a sign created and you are not in our service area, let us know and we can look into shipping costs. 

  • What if I don’t know what kind of sign permits I need, or whether I need them at all?

    Our extensive experience in the sign industry means that we are familiar with when sign permits will be required for certain signs. If we’re not immediately aware of what specific permit you’ll need for the area you’re wanting to display your sign in, we can do the research and work involved to find out and file it for you. We don’t want you to not be able to display any sign you order from us. 

  • What is the Process for Determining the Best Sign for My Needs?

    As a full service sign company in NJ, we’re here to help you with any and all steps in the signage process. To determine what kind of sign you need, try to figure out what message you’re trying to share, how much space you have, what market you’re trying to reach, when and where the sign will be visible, and what you hope they’ll take away from it. 

  • What types of signs specifically would you recommend having an expert like those at Blue Dot Signs install?

    Some signs are small and simple enough for non-experts or handymen to install themselves, such as small aluminum, paper, or acrylic signs. Signs that are larger, more complex, or need to be displayed at a significant height like the following are more likely to require specialized tools or knowledge to achieve an ideal installation:

    Vehicle Wraps 

    Large Floor, Wall, or Window Decals

    Sequin Signs 

    Channel Letter Signs

    Storefront Awnings

    Large Storefront Signs, and more 

    We can install any of the signs that we produce for you in order to ensure a safe and professional end result.