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laser cutting


High Quality Laser Cutting and Etching Services

We have a CNC laser cutting machine available – a modern technology that can create high quality custom cuts using heat, allowing you to craft intricate and detailed designs in a variety of materials. Lasers can cut through materials other machinery like drills and routers cannot, while also producing a finished edge.

If you are interested in a custom sign fabrication from a laser cutting machine in NJ, contact Blue Dot Signs today. Our laser cutter can also be used for other projects depending on availability and your needs.

Available Laser Cutting Services

What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is a form of custom manufacturing that is used in many industries, but is particularly popular with signage. The process involves using a high powered laser that cuts through dozens of different types of materials using a computer generated 2D vector design.

The laser itself is created by stimulating lasing material with electricity until it achieves the needed heat to burn or melt through the material. Fiber optics direct the laser in a focused point that can be applied to the substrate.

The design for the laser to cut is created first in a CAD program. Design vectors are then relayed to the CNC controller that operates the laser through G-code coordinate instructions, translated into readable code by a specialized CAM software. This provides precision markers for the laser to cut. The depth and speed of each cut is controlled by the operator.

Engraving is another service that can be completed with a laser cutter in a variety of materials. We offer laser etching services on metal, wood, and glass signage.

Laser Cutting services

Which Materials Can Laser Cutting Be Used With?

There are many different materials that can be cut or etched with laser cutting. A material can be the base of a sign, a design element, or a stencil for painting or drawing. Examples of substrates include:

  • Laser Metal Cutting
  • Laser Wood Cutting
  • Laser Acrylic Cutting
  • Laser Plastic Cutting
  • Laser Cardboard Cutting
  • Foam Board Laser Cutting, and More

As a laser cutting company, we have made cuts into cork, engineered wood, cloth, leather, coroplast glass, stone – almost any material that is safe to place in a high heat environment. Thicker plastic, such as that for plastic letters, is typically cut with our acrylic cutting services.

Certain types of flammable metals, as well as leather, some types of plastic, and some manufactured materials that create toxic fumes should not be cut with a laser. Some types of materials also work under different settings For example, they can be cut, but not marked. For materials that are flammable, like paper, some burn marks may occur. But for most materials, burn marks are either rare, or barely visible.

It is also possible for us to provide laser cutting to non-signage needs. If you need laser cutting services in NJ, we recommend you contact us with your requirements and we’ll contact you as soon as we can with feedback.

Order a Custom Laser Cut Sign from Blue Dot Signs

We have the laser cutting technology that works with a variety of different materials, and other cutting options to work with those materials that cannot be cut by laser. If you are interested in learning more about our laser cutting services or you are ready to make an order, please contact Blue Dot Signs today.