Decals can quickly and easily transform the appearance of your wall, window, and vehicle. With them, you don’t need to be an expert painter to add decoration and branding graphics to your business’s window wall, or vehicle. You also don’t need to pay high fees to have window glass frosted to protect privacy in your building with a frosted graphic.

Blue Dot Signs’ high-quality custom graphics make it possible for your business to enhance its brand and achieve a professional look. In order to do all this though, your decal has to be properly installed.

What Kinds of Decal Installation Do We Perform?

If you don’t have experience installing decals, especially larger ones, the presence of hard-to-smooth-out bubbles under the vinyl or accidentally sticking one part of the decal to another part of it instead of to the wall are very real risks. Even if you do have the experience, you may not have the time or desire to do it yourself.

These are all reasons we offer professional vinyl decal installation services. We can install any of our decals on almost any smooth, flat surface. Specifically, we provide:

  • Window Decal Installation
  • Wall Decal Installation
  • Vinyl Lettering Installation
  • Vehicle Decal Installation for Buses, Vans, Trailers, Trucks, and More

Blue Dot Signs is able to create almost any kind of custom decal, and install them on almost any surface. This level of customization and customer service is what truly sets us apart in our field.

Basics of Vinyl Decal Installation

The process of decal installation is relatively simple in concept but carrying it out can be challenging for a number of reasons, especially if the decal is particularly large or needs to be installed on a surface that’s not completely flat, like a vehicle.

The basic process of decal installation we follow is:

  • Thoroughly clean the display surface
  • Remove vinyl from backing and place on display surface
  • Firmly press decal to surface with squeegee to remove bubbles, ripples, or other marks
  • Let decal sit without being touched to settle and adhere properly

Hiring a professional to install your decal lessens the risks of uneven application, tearing, and other forms of damage to the decal.

Blue Dot Signs Offers Decal Installation Services Near Me

At Blue Dot Signs, we’re dedicated to providing not only excellent signage products, but also ensuring that they look great when displayed. Our installation experts have the skills and experience to install your decal properly in a timely manner so that you can enjoy them sooner and be confident that your display will look its best for longer.

Send us an email today at with the details of your perfect custom decal and where you’d like us to install it for you. We can answer any questions you may have about decal installation in NJ and provide a free quote with an estimated price and other details of your order.

Frequently Asked Questions About Decal Installation

 How long does it take for you to install a decal?

The length of time it takes to install a decal depends on how large it is and where it needs to be installed. Larger, more complex decals will obviously take longer to install than smaller, simpler ones.

 Can you also remove decals?

Yes. Even though it’s possible for non-professionals to remove decals themselves without harming the display surface, we still recommend having us do it for you to make the removal process faster and more efficient.

 Can I reuse a decal after you’ve removed it?

No. Once removed from a wall, window, or vehicle, the decal’s adhesive is weakened and its shape is usually stretched, making it unable to lay flat or adhere evenly to another surface. If you hoped to take it on and off, you may benefit from a static cling decal instead.

 Will the decal’s adhesive damage the paint on my wall if the decal is removed?

No. The adhesive on our decals doesn’t remove paint or finish or leave behind residue when removed from a display surface.

 How long will my decal last?

This will depend on where it’s installed and what protective features they’ve been fabricated with, such as lamination. However, if installed and care for properly they typically look their best for at least five to seven years.

 Do I have to have a certain kind of paint or finish on my wall for my decal to adhere correctly?

Decals tend to adhere best to walls with matte paint, but they are still able to adhere to walls with semi-gloss, satin, and eggshell paint finishes.

 I recently painted my wall. How long should I wait before having a decal installed on it?

You should wait at least two to three weeks for the paint to completely dry before having us install your decal on it.

 Can you install my decal on a textured wall or curved window?

The ideal display surface for decals is smooth and flat. If the surface you want your decal installed on differs from this ideal, an even application may be more difficult. We can evaluate individual clients’ situations when consulted. There are alternative options that may be available as well in these situations.

 How much does decal installation cost?

Since our decals are custom made to order and the decal’s size affects the amount it costs to install it, it’s difficult to give an exact installation service cost that’s universally accurate. If you’d like to know how much it would cost to install your decal, please contact us with specific details about your decal and we can offer a price estimate.

 How do I prepare my wall, window, vehicle, etc. to have my decal installed on it?

You should clean it with a damp cloth to remove any dust, dirt, or other foreign particles and then thoroughly dry it. A dirty or wet surface will prevent the decal from properly adhering to the displace surface.