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Neon Sign Rental


Custom Sign Rental Services in NJ and NYC

Whether you’re planning an event or creating a movie or play, there are many signs that you may find yourself needing to help decorate your space. Some of them need to be customized for you, but others are more generic. That’s why we are so proud to offer NJ and NY rental signs.

At Blue Dot Signs, we offer neon sign rental, red carpet sign rental, backdrop sign rental, and more. Contact our team today to let us know what signage you need and we will work with our inventory to help you customize your event.

Available Sign Rentals in NJ

Types of Sign Rentals at Blue Dot Signs

When it comes to the signage used at events, we keep several different types of signage in stock, and most signs have several options for shape, color, and size. We have physical signs that fit with a range of events. We can also rent out display solutions so you can mount your own custom sign.

Some of the signs and displays we went for events include:


  • Neon Signs
  • Banner Stands
  • Banner Lifts
  • Easels
  • Display Stands
  • Red Carpets
  • Stanchions
  • Table Throws


Films Red Carpet Rentals

There are options for both indoor sign rental and outdoor sign rental. Those signs that will be used outdoors will have the durability to handle weather conditions throughout the length of the event. Each sign can be rented for a short term or long term contract, and returned when it is no longer needed.

We have a vast inventory of signage and display systems. If you have a specific idea or want that is not in stock, we also are a sign manufacturer and have the ability to make almost any custom sign for your event as well.

Installation Services for Event Signage

For all of our signs, we offer installation services. This lets you be sure that a sign has been put up correctly while leaving you to focus on other matters for planning your event. Our schedule offers after hours installation to fit into your production timeline.

Professional installation is recommended for larger or more delicate signage such as vinyl banners, step and repeats, and neon lights. This ensures that the sign is incorporated into your event safely and with the cleanest appearance possible.

We rent and install signage at a variety of events including:

  • Trade Shows
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Parades
  • Awards Shows
  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties

We also rent out to theatre plays, filming, and more. There are no minimum order or rental lengths for our signage, so your rental contract can be customized to your needs. Additionally, clients are often able to keep signage solutions as long as they need.

Contact Blue Dot Signs for Custom Sign Rental

To get started with your event sign rental in NJ or NYC, contact Blue Dot Signs at We can go over what you need, making any recommendations to assist you in choosing the correct signage. We’ll also discuss your timeline and provide a quote for the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of signs can I rent from you?

    You can rent any type of sign from us. Blue Dot Signs is not only a custom signage company that makes your custom signs for you, we also rent out the signs for the ease of our customers so that they don’t have to get a brand new sign made. We rent outdoor signs, indoor signs, event signs, building signs, office signs, and more.