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Custom Sign Rental Services in NJ and NYC

Signs are a highly effective form of advertisement, decoration, conveying information, and more. However, it’s not always necessary to order and pay money for a sign made from scratch to customized specifications. This is especially true if you only need that sign for a limited amount of time, such as for an event, wedding, or photoshoot. In these cases, renting a sign may be much more practical.

Blue Dot Signs is not only a renowned designer and fabricator of premium quality custom signs, but we’re also a New Jersey sign rental company. We offer an extensive amount of pre-made signs for your temporary signage needs

Available Sign Rentals

Rental Sign Types

There are just as many options of sign available for rent as there are for purchase. Some of our most frequently rented varieties of sign include:

  • Neon
  • Wooden
  • Carved and Engraved
  • Painted
  • Handmade
  • Backdrops
  • Lighted Signs
  • Dibond, and more

Whether you’re renting a sign to promote an upcoming, limited-time period event like a retail store sale or a party, to advertise a particular product, or serve as decoration, we have aesthetic variations on most of our signs.

With full color and monochromatic signs, signs with a few simple lines of text, and ones with complex graphics and designs and more are all available in our inventory, you’re sure to find one that fits your artistic vision.

Rental Signs Available
Selecting The Right Rental Sign

If you have a specific sign rental idea in mind, the best thing to do is contact us. We’ll see what we have available, and let you know what options make the most sense for your needs. Keep in mind that our fabrication costs are also extremely affordable – if you cannot find a sign you need, you may be surprised how inexpensive it would be to create it. Blue Dot Signs offers some of the highest quality and lowest cost signage of any sign rental service in NJ. Our expertise in the sign industry makes buying or renting from us a sure thing, with no cause for doubt about your sign’s excellence. If you’d like to learn more about our signs for rent and find out if one or more of them could enhance your business’s brand or your event’s atmosphere, please contact us at info@bluedotsigns.com..