Neon Sign Rental

Neon Sign Rental


Neon Sign Rental Services for Different Events and Parties

Brightly colored neon lends a classic look wherever it is installed. Yet for a one time event such as a party, theatre play, or store opening, the cost of authentic neon signage often makes it inefficient to purchase a custom sign that will only be used once. Instead, Blue Dot Signs provides neon sign rentals so that you can have a unique sign for the duration of your event.

Our inventory of custom signs offers signage for weddings, photoshoots, movies, bars, restaurants, retail stores, and more. If you have a specific sign in mind or know neon is needed for your next event, contact Blue Dot Signs to see what we have available.

Available Neon Signs

Neon Sign Rental Services for Different Events and Parties

Our sign rentals are for authentic neon signs rather than LED imitation signs. The neon signs are made by shaping 15mm glass tubes into the desired text or a simple design such as a palm tree, bottle, or arrow. The glass tubes are mounted on an acrylic backing which also holds the electrical components for the sign.

Neon signs have several standard text and graphic options. The available signs are designed to fit with a number of businesses, events, and uses, so it is possible to find a sign for rent for almost any purpose. Our options include signs that say:

  • No Vacancy
  • Antiques
  • Bar
  • Cafe
  • Cocktails
  • Tickets

Sizes will vary depending on the image for each sign. In general, signs are approximately 15 to 40 inches wide and 10 to 40 inches tall. If you need a sign to fit particular dimensions or a small space we can usually provide a sign that will work within the chosen location.

To create the light and color in neon signs, the neon tubes are filled with different reactive gases. Hydrogen, helium, mercury, and carbon dioxide are used alongside neon to produce different colors. When the gases are electrically charged, they glow and emit a color determined by the composition. Popular colors in rented neon signs include:

  • Emerald Green
  • Horizon Blue
  • Tropic Yellow
  • Seacrest
  • Ruby Red
rent car neon sign

With our extensive inventory of custom made neon signs, we can work with clients to find a sign that meets their specifications for text, size, and color. If there is not a rented sign available that matches your needs, we also offer custom neon fabrication to create the exact sign for your business or event.

If you require other event signage, we also offer backdrop sign rentals, red carpet sign rentals, and more so that you can customize your event.

Neon Installation and Maintenance

Glass tubing and inert gases makes neon signs delicate and the proper care should be taken with your sign while renting. Neon signs are best used indoors. They require a continuous power supply to function, and will need an extension cord or generator if being used away from a power source. To prevent damage, they should be installed in a location where they will not come in contact with passing people.

Once installed, the neon sign should stay lit throughout its use timeline as this puts the least stress on the transformers. It should, however, be turned off during cleaning, which can be done with a soft cloth to remove dust.

For neon sign rental NJ and sign rental NYC, we also offer licensed and insured installation services at your event space or inside your store or restaurant. These services ensure that your sign is safely hung in a location with high impact.

Rent a Unique Neon Sign from Blue Dot Signs

Blue Dot Signs provides neon sign rentals to both individuals and businesses throughout NYC and NJ. Our rental schedules can be customized around your event timeline, and clients are often able to keep a sign as long as necessary. Learn about our neon signs and choose yours today.