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Neon Sign Rental Services for Different Events and Parties

Neon is a long-lasting, low-cost, highly distinctive kind of sign. However, if you only need one for a limited amount of time, purchasing one can be an annoying and unnecessary expense. Renting a neon sign is a great solution to this problem.

Blue Dot Signs doesn’t only make affordable, high-quality neon signs – we also provide short and long term rental services of pre-made neon signs from our inventory. As a neon rental facility, we provide our clients with a wide variety of pre-made neon signs that can serve as placeholders for a future sign, attract attention to a business for an upcoming one-time event, and more.

Available Neon Rental Signs

Neon Sign Rental Types

Neon signs are illuminated with a combination of gas and electricity. This interaction takes place in a glass tube coated with different kinds of chemicals. The types of chemicals and gas is what determines the color emitted.

Neon signs have many strengths, including:

  • Energy Efficiency – Neon signs only use about 96 watts a day, about the amount a single lightbulb uses.
  • Nostalgia – The warm but bright glow of neon is very atmospheric and appealing to many, attracting them to your business.
  • Brightness – Neon is very bright and highly visible no matter the time of day or night.

It is these benefits that make it a popular choice for both short and long term rentals. An example might be a sign needed to display at a wedding, or a sign (like an “Open” sign) needed for a short term event, such as a seasonal Halloween décor store. We also do neon signs for filming movies, neon signs for decorating corporate parties, and more, all of which are immediately available to rent.

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Our neon rental service is just one of the many excellent sign related services we provide at Blue Dot Signs. If you decide that you want to purchase and display a neon sign customized for your business, we can design and fabricate it for you. If you’d like to rent or purchase a neon sign, please contact us at