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Custom Red Carpet Rental Services in NJ

Few types of signage welcome guests to your event as well as a red carpet. Whether you have a long red carpet runner that guides your guests to the entrance or a rectangular red carpet as a base for a step and repeat, carpets are a simple way to elevate your event.

Blue Dot Signs rents a range of red carpets in varying lengths and colors to match the look of your event.

Specifications For Red Carpet Rentals

In addition to carpets, we can also provide velvet rope stanchions for the perimeter of your red carpet or event entryway. The stanchions are silver and have the options for red or black velvet ropes.

Carpets provided for your event are pre-cleaned so they are free of dust and stains. They are also of a high quality low pile that withstands foot traffic and is easy to walk on.

We have both carpet runners and area carpets available for rent. The common dimensions for event red carpets are:

  • 4’ x 8’
  • 4’ x 10’
  • 4’ x 20’

To complete your event entrance decoration, we also offer backdrop sign rentals for your step and repeat and other signage options like neon. Our red carpet rentals and other event sign rentals are available to businesses and private individuals. They can be used at weddings, parties, product launches, award shows, charity galas, and more.

Red Carpet Rental Services

Installing a Red Carpet at Your Event

For both safety and appearance, a red carpet needs to be firmly taped to the ground to ensure it stays in place and does not pose a tripping hazard as guests walk over it. To install, you will first unroll and place your carpet. While standing or kneeling close to one end, peel back about 3 feet of the carpet. Apply tape in a “U”-shape over the nylon carpet backing and place the carpet back on the ground.

Walk over the taped end, stomping your feet to adhere the tape to the ground. Then walk along the carpet away from the taped end, dragging your feet as you go to remove any creases or slack. Once you’ve reached the other end, repeat the taping process. You can also tape the carpet in the middle depending on its length and expected foot traffic.

Prior to the event, use a push broom on your carpet to fluff up the pile.

We also offer installation services as well to securely place your red carpet prior to your event and remove it when the event is over.

Contact Blue Dot Signs to Rent a Red Carpet

We can confirm which carpets we have available for your event. Our sign rentals are flexible and red carpets can generally be rented for as long or as short a time as your event will need.