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Custom Neon and Different Types of Sign Repair Services

At Blue Dot Signs, we manufacture well crafted signs, all made with materials and care that are designed to last. But even the best made sign can break down or become damaged over time. Additionally, all signs require ongoing care to keep them in good condition. We can repair any kind of light, neon sign, electrical sign or other kind of signage.

As a full service sign company in NJ, it is our goal to make sure you always have a working sign to keep your business operating, and that is why we are proud to offer several repair and maintenance services to keep your signs functioning.

Sign Maintenance Services at Blue Dot Signs

About Our Sign Repair Services

We repair any and all types of signs, but most customers contact us for electrical signs, such as neon signs, channel letters, light box signs, and more. We have all of the components needed to fix nearly any type of break, with commercial sign repair that adapts to whatever challenges your sign is struggling with.

Our sign technicians and repair people are experienced in performing basic electrical maintenance such as repairing and replacing lightbulbs, wiring, outlets, and even parking lot lights. We can also carry out maintenance that will increase the lifespan of your sign’s lightbulbs and other electrical features.

We are one of the few neon sign repair shops in NJ, capable of helping neon signs that are flickering, dead, or shattered get back to their working condition without requiring you build an entirely new sign from scratch. We are also able to provide electric sign repair, with experience that makes LED sign repair (and other more complex signage) possible.

To keep signs operating, we offer:

  • Sign Repair Services
  • Sign Maintenance Services
  • Sign Restoration Services

Each of these allow us to make sure that your sign is designed to last for as long as possible, both by repairing them when they break and making sure that they are always in peak operating condition.

Custom Sign Repair in nyc

We’re able to fix damage not only to electrical and other technical components, but also aesthetic elements. Even if your sign incorporates a custom paint color or graphic, we can have it looking like new in no time. Our pantone color matching capabilities enable us to exactly match the color on your sign.

The timeline for a repair depends on what kind of sign you have, what the damage that needs to be repaired is, and other variables. However, we generally try to have repairs completed with hours or days at the most. We can give you more information specific to your sign and the repairs it needs as part of a free quote.

Sign Maintenance And Restoration Services

Often when you need a sign repair company, it’s because your sign is considerably damaged. But for signs that are simply dirty, flickering, or otherwise not looking their best, we offer sign maintenance and sign restoration services in NJ. Our sign maintenance services can prevent serious building sign repair in the future by allowing us to address problems early on.

We also offer sign restoration services. For iconic signs around NJ, you don’t necessarily want to have a sign replaced. Our restoration support can restore a famous or classic sign to a new look without requiring a complete replacement.
If your sign cannot be restored, we’ll let you know why it cannot be repaired first. If you like, we can also provide you with an affordable quote for sign replacement.

In addition to fixing broken or worn signs, we can also perform sign maintenance like cleaning and restorations. Our cherry picker and other specialized tools enable us to safely reach where you and other non-professionals might not be able to. From there, we can thoroughly clean it and replace any parts that are faded or worn out so that your sign looks fresh, up-to-date, and fully visible.

If you need us to remove the sign in order to fix it or it is high up and requires a cherry picker, we can come directly to your property to provide the appropriate repairs. If it is something small that can be easily taken down, we can still come to your property but generally recommend you drop it off with us.

Contact Blue Dot Signs for Sign Repair

As one of the few full service sign companies in New Jersey, we’re ready to help you with whatever you need for sign installation, repair, and restoration. Please consider dropping an email at, and let Blue Dot Signs help you keep any sign up and operational.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you mean by sign repair service?

    Sign repair means that if you have any sign in your building or outside the building, in-store, or at the storefront that is damaged due to any cause, we can take care of that sign for you. We can try to repair the exact sign for you as much as possible and if the sign is beyond repair we can also make a new one for you.

  • What kind of signs do you repair?

    We repair any type of sign that you want to get repaired. It can be a meta sign, channel letter sign, lightbox, neon sign, or any other sign.

  • Do you also repair lit signs?

    Yes we do. Not only do we repair the nonlit signs that are damaged due to any reason we can also repair any type of lit sign for you as we have all the equipment and tools to do that.