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Lamination Services in NJ at Blue Dot Signs

As part of our sign services in New Jersey, we are proud to be able to offer lamination services. Our lamination services can be used for any service, but are especially popular with signs, like posters, papers, and more, that businesses use to market, advertise, or brand their services. We offer not only lamination for paper related signs. We also offer laminated vinyl signs, along with laminated wrap signs, laminated foam board signs, and so much more. Lamination is designed to weather proof nearly any type of sign, and at Blue Dot Signs, we are able to provide sign lamination in NJ that ensures that any type of sign is kept protected from the elements.

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Lamination – For Paper and Beyond

Most people have experience with laminated products. Usually, these include laminated papers and posters. The lamination helps to cover the pieces so that they are not at risk for rain, water, and similar damages. But there is more to lamination than just paper. It is possible to have custom laminated signs in many different materials. From laminated wraps to other forms of large laminated signs, the film that covers each sign is capable of withstanding all different types of abuse. The film can essentially turn any sign into an outdoor sign, or at least one that is easier to clean and manage.

Benefits of Sign Lamination

Even if you printed a sign yourself, lamination is one of the most important tools for making that sign work for you. So many different materials break down easily as a result of rain, water, grime, bacteria, and more. Lamination is designed to make sure that the sign itself is protected. Laminating something means placing another layer of material surrounding it to offer greater protection. You can place a type of laminate film on almost any type of material, but the best way to understand lamination is to imagine laminating paper.

Lamination is there to help with benefits that include, but are not limited to:

  • Protection From the Elements – Lamination immediately protects the print from the elements. Not only does it protect against moisture, rain, and dirt – it also offers protection from fingerprints, tape, and anything that it may come into contact with.
  • Cheaper Than Permanent Materials – There are alternatives to lamination. For example, metal signs do a great job withstanding the elements. But metal signs are also more expensive, heavier, and not ideal for all situations. Lamination provides an effective and inexpensive alternative.
  • Great for Mounting – Posters, paper, and other similar materials are difficult to mount on their own. They are at risk for rips and wrinkles, and the tape, glue, or other tools you use may not stick or may alter the shape and look of the design. Lamination makes that process much easier.

Lamination protects against rips, bends, and damage in a way that few other services are able to offer, and they do all that without the same costs of creating a sign in a material that provides protection naturally. It’s inexpensive, effective, and perfect for all different types of signage.

About Our Custom Laminated Signs Services in NJ

Some print companies can provide small scale lamination for 8.5 x 11 pieces of paper. We are one of the few businesses that can laminate all different types of signs and materials. Our lamination services are a part of our custom sign fabrication options, and can be integrated with any sign we print. Whether you need laminated yard signs, laminated wall signs, vinyl graphics lamination, or some other type of custom signage, our highly skilled team of specialists will be there to help.

We are based in New Jersey, but can provide sign lamination services throughout other areas, including NYC, and we offer additional support services like installation and custom graphics to make sure that your final sign is perfect. There are so many options available for those looking for custom fabrication, and our laminate options are just one of the may ways that we’re there to ensure that your signs look their best.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lamination Services

Sign lamination is the addition of a protective barrier, usually related to plastic, that covers a sign to make it waterproof or water resistant.
Lamination is not necessary, but water and moisture can damage most types of materials very quickly. Lamination prevents moisture from damaging the sign. It also makes cleaning the sign much easier, and protects against water and grime so that the view of your sign is only minimally affected.
Not at all. Many different types of signs can be laminated in some form. Even wood signs and metal signs can be laminated.
It depends on the type of lamination and if there is any non-moisture related damage. Lamination that is placed in direct sunlight can also break down quickly. But lamination that is not placed in direct sunlight can last for years at a time, and any stored laminated sign can potentially remain protected for decades.
If we agree to laminate the sign, then we’re usually agreeing that the sign will not be damaged. In theory, heat can damage some types of signs, papers, and posters, but we would never laminate an item that we did not think could withstand the process.