Buses, trailers, and trucks are some of the largest vehicles on the road and excellent for transporting a business’s products or groups of people. Their size can be helpful for more than just moving people and items, though; it can also be an advantage when used for advertising.

Large vehicle wraps enable you to reach out to customers in your area while simultaneously working. There are few better methods of multitasking to build your business, and at Blue Dot Signs, we can make sure you have these large vehicle wrap signs that are crystal clear, effective, and designed to last. Call us today for bus wraps and trailer wraps in NJ.

Large Vehicle Wraps

As with other varieties of vehicle wraps, bus and trailer wraps are large vinyl signs molded to the exterior of a vehicle and kept there with the vinyl’s adhesive. From commercial trailer wraps to food trailer wraps and more, vehicle wraps made by Blue Dot Signs are made from 3M vinyl, which is:

  • Durable
  • Resistant to Fading
  • Easy to Install and Remove

3M vinyl wraps also won’t affect the paint or finish on your vehicle. Our commitment to creating high-quality signs of all kinds is the reason we use 3M vinyl for our large vehicle wraps.

Personalized Large Vehicle Wraps

Most of the details involved with large vehicle wraps can be customized for your vehicle, business’s brand, and personal preference. Some common customizations include:

  • Coverage – Full or partial trailer wraps are available so that you can cover as much or as little of your vehicle as needed.
  • Length of Display – If you want to promote a one-time event, a temporary wrap can be installed on your vehicle. If you want to include your business’s logo or another long-term addition, the wrap can be permanent.
  • Color – We are able to print detailed graphics, and can custom match any color with a pantone color match – perfect for identifying and printing any part of your business’s logo or color scheme so that it can be reproduced on your truck wrap.

Even if your vehicle is completely unique and the design you want added to your wrap is complex, we can make your custom wrap. This is a sign that’s particularly able to be tailored to your aesthetic preferences and its display surface’s possibilities.

Order Bus Wraps Today

Blue Dot Signs understands that your vehicle is a very important asset for you and your business. We want to make sure that you’re able to use it to its full advantage with beautiful signage that boosts your brand. Please contact us at info@bluedotsigns.com if you’re interested in van wraps in NJ or any other type of vehicle wrap.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bus and Trailers Wraps

Buses and Trailer Wraps

Can a laminated trailer wrap have finishes added?

Yes. Laminated wraps can be given a gloss or matte finish. If you don’t want either finish through, the lamination doesn’t have to affect the design’s appearance. It’s primarily a protective feature.

Can I order multiple bus wraps?

Yes. There’s no standard minimum or maximum number for vehicle wrap orders. We can create just one, or many more for a large fleet of buses.

Can truck wraps be removed?

Yes. We can remove yours for you if you’re inexperienced with vinyl vehicle wraps.

Can you install a wrap with a light-colored design on a truck with dark paint?

Yes. The vinyl our vehicle wraps are made of is opaque, so the color of the vehicle the wrap is installed on doesn’t affect the colors in the wrap’s design.

How do I clean my truck after my truck wrap is installed?

Handwashing is the best away to avoid damage to the wrap, but if that’s not possible because of the vehicle’s size, just avoid cleaning methods like pressure washing, brushes with abrasive bristles, and very hot water.

How is my bus wrap installed?

We can provide installation services, especially for signage of this size. Improper installation of your wrap by non-professionals could mean uneven adhesion, accelerated wear and tear, and a warped appearance.

How long do trailer wraps last?

Semi-permanent vinyl wraps typically last at least seven years.

How long does trailer wrap installation take?

Installation usually takes one or two days to complete, depending how large your vehicle and your wrap are. It is not recommended that you install it yourself, so you will need to find a time that you can leave the wrap with us overnight for us to complete the installation process.

My bus is larger than most other buses. Is it too large for a bus wrap?

No. We’re able to make custom vehicle wraps for any size or model of vehicle.

Will my wrap damage my truck’s finish?

No. The adhesive used for our vehicle wraps and our method of removing them guarantees that the paint and finish under the wrap won’t be damaged during the removal process.