Truck Wraps NJ

Vehicle wrapping has grown in popularity and become an efficient and economical means of advertising. A wrap consists of a vinyl decal placed around the body of automobiles and trucks in assorted colors and prints for marketing and branding purposes.

These covers can also protect motors against scratches, minor dings, and minimize the fast depreciation of sales vehicles, trucks, and entire fleets, but their primary value is in their ability to turn any vehicle into a mobile billboard – all while looking more professional to viewers.

At Blue Dot Signs we offer a full range of tailored and modern truck wraps to suit any advertising and aesthetic standard. For more information, please contact us today at

Vehicle Wraps Advantages

Truck wraps are growing in demand in New Jersey, and are a huge asset to your business. They provide valuable advertising and exceptional returns when professionally designed and manufactured. This includes the placement of your business brand and modern logos along the body of a truck, as well as full color designs that capture the audience you’re trying to attract.

Truck vehicle wraps offer numerous returns from fast and bold advertising to protection of motor exteriors. Some of the benefits of these custom vinyl wraps for trucks include:

Economical Advertising at its Best

Advertising can be expensive, but with New Jersey truck wraps, you have an affordable and valuable solution that takes advantage of space you already have. When professionally designed and applied, vinyl wrapped trucks can last between 4 to 5 years without maintenance, all without taking any extra space on your property or paying for other forms of marketing.

Consider the expense of truck wraps compared to major advertising campaigns, and it’s clear the exceptional savings that this truck wraps can offer. These truck wraps provide a valuable form of marketing and branding that is certain to make an impact with the consumer.

Ongoing Marketing

Having your company trucks covered in truck graphic wraps will provide high-levels of brand awareness and marketing round the clock. The competitive nature of business in New Jersey means that your company needs to remain a step above the rest. Investing in our truck advertising wraps can deliver exceptional returns.

When driving along public roads, the display of a vehicle wrap will grab the attention of the general public from passers-by to other motorists. Through the day or night, truck decal wraps will continue to advertise your brand while moving from one destination to the next or while parked.

If you are caught in traffic, the service details of your business from the logo to contact information will be recognized by surrounding travelers. It delivers instant advertising results at all times of day, without any additional work on your end.

Custom Track Wraps

Blue Dot Signs is the number one provider of high quality vehicle truck wraps. Our wraps can be customized specifically to your needs, with support and customization that includes:

  • Wraps for cars and trucks can be manufactured with custom prints for advertising or solid colors for the protection of vehicles.
  • Matte black truck wraps produce a sleek design and prevents surface scratches, minor dings and damages from deteriorating vehicle condition.
  • The application of truck wraps is efficient and proves economical for private and professional vehicle owners.
  • Vinyl wrapped trucks creates a mobile advertising platform.

In addition, when you choose to have your truck wraps created by Blue Dot Signs in New Jersey, you’re getting a team that will provide:

  • Experience – Our truck wrap designers thoroughly understand how to make these vehicle wraps in NJ, and can ensure that yours looks its absolute best. We also have designers available that can edit and create your graphics for you.
  • Aesthetics – Every vehicle wrap is created with the best quality materials and printing capabilities. The purpose is to enhance the motor and maximize marketing with unique and custom full truck wraps, and that’s what we provide at Blue Dot Signs.
  • Longevity – Our professional truck wraps are made to last, crafted with the best quality materials so that you can be confident that your designs will last..

Why Trust Blue Dot Signs For Your Custom Vinyl Wraps For Trucks?

With Blue Dot Signs vehicle and truck wraps, we deliver high quality manufacturing with affordable prices. We also have installation services available to those that need us. Your professional decal and vinyl wrap services provide custom solutions for all marketing measures. We supply nearly every type of wrap available, including:

  • Box Truck Wraps
  • Food Truck Wraps
  • Truck Advertising Wraps
  • Pick Up Truck Body Wraps

We make wraps for cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need striking print or uniform design to protect vehicle exteriors, contact Blue Dot Signs at .

Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Wraps

Truck Wrap

Can You Make Truck Wraps for Any Type of Truck?

Yes. All truck wraps are based on the exact measurements of your truck. Although rare, if you do somehow have a rare or custom truck design, we’ll coordinate the measurements with you and make sure that we create a truck wrap that fits.

How Difficult is the Truck Wrap to Remove?

Generally, truck wraps are easy to remove, but do require some expertise. Most truck wraps are removed with heat. It can be a bit of a time consuming process, but once removed there will be no remaining residue, and your vehicle should be like new. The only exception is for trucks that have been wrapped for an extended period of time – especially over 2.5 years. Extra adhesion may occur. We do recommend you let us remove the wrap for you, just to be safe.

How Long Do Truck Wraps Last?

There is a lot that goes into the longevity of a truck wrap, and upkeep will be important. But on average, a truck wrap lasts about 5 years. With excellent maintenance, truck wraps can last longer than 7 years before the vinyl starts to wear down.

How Long Does it Take to Get Your Truck Wrapped?

It is possible to install a truck wrap on your own, but we generally recommend you let Blue Dot Signs handle the installation. It takes about 1 to 2 days to install a truck wrap, so you’ll want to drop it off with us at a time that is convenient for us to keep it. The more complex the shape of the truck, the longer it can take.

What Are Truck Wraps Made From?

Truck wraps are almost always made exclusively with vinyl, particularly 3M vinyl.