Graphic decals, fleet lettering, and magnetic signs are often used by businesses who want to spread the word about their services in their service area and heighten their professionalism by branding their vehicles. These forms of vehicle signage are great for simpler designs, but may not provide the “Wow” factor your business is looking for. Instead, you may benefit from commercial van wraps. 

With our van wraps in NJ, you can completely transform your van and make sure that you attract the attention your message deserves. Contact us today at 908-486-7000 or fill out our quote form to get started on your order.  

Custom Van Wraps

Due to their size and print capabilities, personalized van wraps are the best way to go if you have a larger vehicle or a more complex design in mind. Our adhesive 3M vinyl wraps can be printed with almost any custom colors and images you want in with sharp definition and no blurring.  

Our vehicle wraps can also be fabricated into any shape or size you need for your vehicle. We offer both partial van wraps and full van wraps to best accommodate your design. Your removable van wrap will adhere securely to your vehicle without damaging the paint or finish underneath if it’s removed.   

Van Wrap Designs

We can add many different finishes to enhance your van wrap’s appearance and durability, including: 

  • Lamination – Laminating your van wrap can greatly extend its lifespan by protecting it from weather damage and everyday wear and tear that vehicles face.  
  • Glossy Finish – Like vehicle paint, this finish slightly reflects light to make it look shiny. 
  • Matte Finish – Matte doesn’t reflect light, giving your wrap and its design look flat and soft. 
  • Luster Finish – Sometimes called semi-gloss, the effect of this finish is halfway between glossy and matte, making your wrap slightly shiny, but not as much as a glossy finish. 

If you’re unsure what finishes would make your vehicle wrap best reflect your business’s brand, our expert sign graphic designers can provide suggestions and general guidance. 

Order Van Wraps Today!

From smaller van and car wraps to much larger box truck wraps, Blue Dot Signs has fabricated, installed, and removed high-quality, personalized vehicle wraps for many different businesses and vehicles around the New Jersey area.  

If you’re interested in learning more or in starting the designing and ordering process, please contact us at 

Frequently Asked Questions About Van Wraps

Van Wraps

Are there any vehicle surfaces van wraps can’t be applied to?

Very few to none. Even surfaces that aren’t completely flat can have wraps contoured to their shape.  

Can my van go through a car wash with a wrap on it?

We recommend hand washing your vehicle, especially in the areas where your wrap is installed, to avoid damage to your wrap. It can be torn or faded by the high pressure spray, hot water, and types of soap used in drive-through car washes. 

Can van wraps be removed?

Yes. We offer both temporary and more permanent van wraps, and can remove them for you if needed.  

Can you install my van wrap?

Yes. Our sign installation experts will make sure your wrap perfect fits to your van’s size and shape so that it will adhere properly and look good for as long as possible. In fact, we recommend that you allow us to install you’re van wrap as the process can be tricky and installation requires expertise.  

Do van wraps block visibility through windows?

Our van wraps are primarily intended to cover opaque areas of vehicles, like the sides. If requested however, we can create perforated wraps that cover windows without blocking visibility through those windows.   

How long do van wraps last?

Typically vehicle wraps look their best for two to four years. This depends on how well-taken care of they are and what kind of weather the vehicle drives in. 

How thick are van wraps?


They’re about 0.002” thick. They’re thin enough to minimize drag while remaining highly durable.  


What color vinyl are wraps made of?

The vinyl we use is white by default. This is so all colors in your design show up accurately. However, because prints are full color, your final design can be any color you want. We have no limitations on the amount of ink, which means the final design can be a completely different color with no white remaining visible.  

What steps should I take before applying my van wrap?

Washing and drying your vehicle thoroughly before installing your wrap will make the process easier and ensure a better looking and better adhering wrap. 

Will a van wrap affect or damage my van’s paint or finish?

No, not if they’re properly installed. The adhesive used for vehicle wraps is designed to be strong enough to stay firmly attached to your vehicle without the risk of damaging the paint if the wrap is removed.