Vehicle Lettering and Van Lettering in NJ with Blue Dot Signs

Whether it’s a large truck that advertises by displaying an elaborate vehicle wrap or a smaller, unadorned van used only for transport, identifying your business’s vehicle is important. It lets clients and other businesses you work with know who you are and establishes you as a professional.

With the basics of your business displayed prominently, everyone can find out more about you and be more confident what your services can do for them. At Blue Dot Signs, we provide van lettering, truck lettering, and other types of vehicle lettering for those throughout New Jersey. Contact us today for a quote.

What Is Vehicle Lettering?

Van lettering is a type of simple vinyl decal attached to vehicles for identification purposes. The information displayed includes the business’s:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Address
  • DOT Number

It’s usually displayed on the vehicle’s door or sides, and is often required either by the type of company that owns the vehicle or by a government agency.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that some vehicles used for interstate commerce display personalized numbers. These numbers indicate whether any special precautions need to be taken when they’re on the road.

Ways To Customize Your Van Lettering

Lettering can be customized with any regulation compliant colors, fonts, sizes, and more. We can also include vehicle graphics like logos and other simple, relevant images.

The same finishes that are available for our other decal signage are available for vehicle lettering:

  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Luster

All of the finish and other detail options are sure to make your vehicle’s lettering look great and fit in with your business’s brand.

Contact Blue Dot Signs for Truck Lettering In NJ

Blue Dot Signs creates durable, custom vehicle lettering for all types of businesses and vehicles. If it needs to be compliant with a particular set of regulations or standards, as DOT numbers have to be with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) and the DOT, we can follow those rules for you.

Please contact us at if you need commercial truck lettering in NJ that both provides easy to see and understand information and fits in with the vehicle branding.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Lettering and Van Lettering

 How long will my vehicle lettering last?

Vinyl lettering on vehicles typically lasts around five to seven or more years when properly installed and maintained.

 What fonts can I use for vehicle lettering?

Cursive and highly stylized fonts are discouraged. Sans-serif fonts are the most commonly used since DOT numbers and most other types of vehicle lettering and numbers need to be visible from at least 50 feet away.

 How large does my vehicle lettering have to be to be visible from 50 feet away?

Your letters and numbers need to be two to three inches of tall at minimum to be visible at this distance.

Can you install my vinyl lettering?

Yes. We offer onsite installation for decals and stickers to make sure they adhere to your vehicle properly.

Where can vehicle lettering be installed on my vehicle?

The doors and vehicle sides are the most common. DOT number regulations require you to post your DOT number on both sides of your vehicle.

Can my vehicle lettering be fabricated in a custom color?

We have Pantone color matching capabilities that allow us to reproduce almost any color for your signage. Just make sure if you’re ordering DOT numbers that the color doesn’t decrease visibility.

Can I wash my vehicle with vehicle lettering installed?

Yes. Your lettering shouldn’t be damaged if the area around them is washed by hand. However, strong, direct spray, very hot water, or harsh soaps from a drive-through carwash for example can fade or tear the vinyl.

Will vehicle lettering damage my vehicle’s paint?

No. The adhesive used for vinyl lettering attaches it securely to the vehicle but doesn’t bond so tightly that it takes paint away with it when the lettering is removed.

Is my business’s vehicle required to have lettering and/or DOT numbers displayed on it?

Probably. Our permitting services can help you make sure that your business is in compliance with any FMCSA required signage like DOT numbers and more.

Is vehicle lettering removable?

Yes. We recommend you ask us to help you remove your vehicle’s lettering if needed, since the process can take a while and using the improper tools to try to peel it off can scratch your vehicle.