Vinyl letters are one of the most popular ways to brand items and label a business. Affordable, durable, and perfect for creating unique shapes, vinyl lettering has the best combination of affordability and customization. These letters are seen throughout New Jersey, able to withstand harsh weather and make sure that your business is well advertised. Here at Blue Dot Signs, we are the leading providers of vinyl cut lettering in New Jersey. With the ability to cut in almost any shape or size using the latest in custom cut vinyl lettering technology, we are confident that we can craft the perfect design to match your needs. Contact us today at to get started.

About Our Vinyl Cut Signs and Lettering

Vinyl is a versatile material. It is found all over NJ on a variety of different surfaces. It’s that usefulness that makes vinyl the preferred choice as a simple, easy to use sign that looks great across different settings.

For example, you can find vinyl lettering and vinyl signs on:

  • Vehicles – Vinyl letters are commonly used to brand or advertise on fleet vehicles.
  • Windows – Vinyl is the perfect choice for window wraps and designs.
  • Walls – Vinyl lettering can be crafted to be used on most types of walls.

Vinyl lettering can adhere to glass, metal, wood, and so much more providing you with a way to quickly and affordably place your message wherever you want it seen. Our Custom Laser Cut Vinyl Lettering Services in NJ Vinyl may be a great material. But you still need a partner to help you fabricate your vinyl signs or letters.

That’s what we provide here at Blue Dot Signs. We have the machines and technology necessary to create custom die cut vinyl lettering, reverse cut vinyl lettering, or whatever types of designs that you require.

If you don’t have a design, we have artists available that can design it for you. If you do have a design, we print the design in full color on the vinyl, and then program the machine to custom cut it into the letters or shapes that you need them to be. Because we have decades of experience working with vinyl, we are also able to offer lower prices due to our more efficient design processes. We can send over the pre-cut vinyl lettering that you can easily install yourself. If you need help with installation and you are located locally in New Jersey or NYC, we may also be able to send someone to your location to assist with sign installation.

Benefits of Custom Vinyl Letter Cutting

Every business has a persona. That’s why every company deserves to have its own custom vinyl cut letters. Decorating your windows, vehicles, doors, and more with lettering that is in your own typeface is a great way to make sure that you are not only able to advertise and market on these surfaces, but that those that see it associate the lettering with your business. Vinyl letter cutting services ensure that you are able to see these benefits as much as possible. Each letter can be cut in the shape you desire, or in a shape that makes the most sense for your surface. We can even make unique or intricate shapes and designs, for those looking for more of a vinyl sign than just the lettering itself.

Call Blue Dot Signs Today for Vinyl Letter Cutting

We know that you have a choice in your vinyl letter cutting services in New Jersey. We’re confident that if you choose Blue Dot Signs, you’ll love our affordable prices, high quality cuts and materials, and commitment to your satisfaction.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our custom sign fabrication services, including our vinyl lettering, please do not hesitate to contact our team today at, or fill out the form to begin your own custom order.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Lettering Cutting Services

Vinyl Lettering Cutting

Are There Any Shapes That You Cannot Cut?

The technology we use can cut any shape. The only question is whether or not the cut is recommended. Sharp corners, for example, may or may not be recommended depending on the design.

Can I Cut the Vinyl Letters Myself?

Unless you have the proper technology, we do not generally recommend cutting vinyl letters by hand.

Do Cutting Letters Make Them Harder to Install?

It can. But it depends on the cut and the letter. If there are numerous sharp corners and thin lines, installation could be more challenging. But then again, the installation process generally accounts for these. If you need help, we have a sign installation team in NJ that is available.

Do I Need to Cut Vinyl Letters?

No. Some people prefer to keep the letters as squares or rectangles, rather than giving them some type of custom cut. But others prefer the idea of each letter as its own shape. It is really up to you and your preferences.

How Much Empty Space Should Be Left?

This question often comes up: Should I cut at the edge of the color of the vinyl letters or leave clear and empty space. We generally recommend leaving some clear space. How much? That question is a bit too difficult to answer without knowing the size. Ask our team and we’ll provide you with more specific information.