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Vinyl Window Stickers and Lettering in NJ and NYC


Windows are the most important part of your Business. Let’s make them the windows of opportunities. Allow your windows to introduce your businesses to your customers. Leave a good impression upon the visitors with window signs.

Available Window Signs Options

Custom Window Decals – Vinyl cut Lettering – Window Logos and Graphics

At Blue dot signs, we offer you a range of Window Signs. Our window signs add a prominent look to your windows. Why not decorate your windows and why leave them blank and boring, when you can embellish them with beautiful Vinyl Decals. Windows with beautiful graphics and promotion sale stickers and decals can leave a good impression. With the right window signs your windows can provide important messages like Opening hours, sales and etc. to your customers. The attractive window decals and graphics can surely grab the attention of people even in crowded areas.
Besides using window signs for advertising purposes, these signs can also be used for privacy purposes in many different places, such as offices, restaurants, etc. Besides using the simple Business hours and brand names on the windows, you can use some powerful messages and statements too, that will help get you brand real awareness and establishment and will stand you out from the rest of your competitors.

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Types of Window Signs at Blue Dot Signs


There is a range of product variety for Window Signs available at Blue dot Signs. Decals and graphics provide your windows a purpose to serve your business in a unique way. You can choose out from our wide range the type of window sign that you would like to have for your Business. We offer

  • Vinyl Window Decals: These are the full vinyl color stickers that can fix at your windows. You can cut these decals to any shape. They are typically opaque, but other luminous variations are available too. These Window Decals can last up to 6 years under normal circumstances.
  • Window Frosting: This type of Window sign provides privacy to your glass windows. Window Frosting is a modern type of solution. They can even protect you from the UV rays.
  • Window Lettering: Vinyl window lettering is a cost-effective way of getting logos, letters, images, and elements on your windows.
  • Perforated Vinyl Window Film: These are the type of Vinyl colored stickers, which provides you unique visibility. When these stickers are used, you can see outside of the building or vehicle but the outsiders cannot see you.

Why use Window Signage?

The window signage can be used for businesses and offices. When the right and smart window signage is used, they cannot only attract the customers but also provide a good atmosphere. The window signs add colors to your spaces, which can lift up your workplace efficiency.

Services for Window Signs at Blue dot signs

At Blue dot signs, we do not only provide you with the decals and graphics but we also provide the installation services. You can choose your area and let us know, our experienced team will come to your place and will install the window signs. And if your area is not on the list, you can still call us and our experts will help you out in installing the decals and graphics. Whether you need large window vinyl decals or Vinyl lettering or any other window graphics, your team is here to provide you the best signage services. You can get a free quote by just filling out the form or you can call us at 908-486-7000 or email us at info@bluedotsigns.com. Our team will be pleased to help you out.