Window Frosting NJ

Part of building a successful business is taking advantage of all available space. That space isn’t just on the walls. It is also the windows, with large windows that face customers on the sidewalk, to small windows in an office building that tell people whose office it belongs to.

At Blue Dot Signs, we have many different types of signs and wraps that can decorate these windows. But one of our most popular styles is custom frosted window film. Used by companies both large and small, these custom window frosting signs turn a boring window into a visibly impressive one, all for a highly affordable price.

What is Commercial Window Frosting?

There is nothing quite as beautiful and powerful as etched glass. But etched glass is also expensive – often prohibitively so – and installing it can add an even more sizable costs to your budget.

Window frosting is the alternative. Window frosting is a type of vinyl decal/wrap that goes onto windows and gives it an incredibly realistic etched glass appearance. The prints are often flawless to the eye, so that your windows are as “etched” as possible, without paying for expensive carvings.

Advantages of Frosted Window Graphics

Not only do these frosted glass signs look impressive – they also have a variety of advantages over other forms of signage or custom carvings, and are an excellent choice for businesses that are looking to decorate their windows. These include:

  • Removable – It’s greatest advantage is that it is removable. Unlike etched glass, you do not have to replace an entire window if you plan to take the etched vinyl decals down. You simply need to peel it off. That makes it cost efficient, and perfect for any type of window.
  • Replaceable – Similarly, when you decided to purchase etched glass, you’re stuck with it for years. With 3m frosted window film, you can simply peel it off at any time and put a new one on in moments – keeping your window fresh for minimal cost.
  • No Expensive Installation – Similarly, it’s not just etched glass that is expensive. It is also the cost of removal and installation. Not only are you saving money by using etched glass signs, but you are cutting down on labor costs as well.
  • Excellent Visual Appeal – Window frosting in NJ has amazing visual appeal. Frosted window signs are easily noticeable from a distance, highly professional, and popular with both businesses and their customers alike.

At Blue Dot Signs, we are also able to create these vinyl window frosting signs for any type of window. As “large format printers,” our designs are extremely popular on the large windows facing the outside of your storefront. But we can also create smaller etched glass decals for doors, with office glass frosting available. We can create frosted decorative window film for the glass you use inside of your property – for example, if you have a glass booth at your restaurant.

We can even make sure that these designs look great on mirrors – perfect for decorating behind a bar or making your bathrooms look more presentable. There are almost no limitations, as we can print everything from tiny etched glass logos to full scale frosted window signs for even the largest storefront.

Why Call Blue Dot Signs For Frosted Glass Signage in NJ?

Blue Dot Signs specializes in creating vinyl frosted glass signs that are perfect for your storefront or office. Small, medium, or large, our plain and decorative frosted glass is simply the best choice for making sure that you have the same beauty that etched glass provides, with none of the associated costs or work.

Based in New Jersey, we also provide installation services for those in the local area, and we are frequently providing our prints for those in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and throughout NYC. We also take customer service very seriously. For those that do not have someone with graphic art experience for sign development, we have graphic designers that work solely with signs on hand that can make sure that you have the graphics and design that you need.

We encourage you to Email us at , and learn more about our frosted glass vinyl signs, or have us get started on your printing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Frosting

Window Frosting

Can I Customize By Window Frosting Design?

Window wraps can be made to be double sided, although it is strongly recommended that double sided window wraps use only opaque vinyl.

Can the Window Frosting Be Re-used?

Static cling window frosting can be reused. Adhesive backed window frosting, however, tends to lose its adhesion when it is removed. If you plan to remove it often, please talk to us about the best options.

Does the Window Frosting Leave Any Residue Behind?

Besides cost, the reason that people choose window frosting is because they want to avoid damaging the glass – as one would with etched glass. Window frosting adhesive should leave minimal residue behind, if any and most residue can be removed with nail polish remover.

How Long Will My Window Frosting Last?

Window frosting film can last for a very long time. On average, the film can last 10 years or more when well maintained (although this typically applies to indoor window frosting). When exposed to the elements, the lifespan will be shorter, but should still last between 5 and 10 years.

Is It Possible to First Receive a Sample?

Possibly. It depends on the design. Please consider calling us today and we’ll see if we can provide you with a sample of our work.