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Part of marketing a company effectively is learning to use your space in the most efficient and effective way possible. While so much time is focused on signs that hang outside, signs that are on billboards, walls, doors, and more, the savvy companies have learned that one of the best places to have a sign is on a window.

Blue Dot Signs creates high quality window wraps for businesses both large and small. These window wraps in NJ provide a type of store window sign that is perfect for attracting business, and has several related benefits that are worth it for your company.

What Are Window Wraps?

Window wraps are signs, usually made of vinyl, that stick to a window like a decal, but cover the entire window from top to bottom to create a full color display that is easily noticeable. Vinyl window wraps allow for full color prints that match the size and shape of your window. They seal over the window perfectly, turning it into a full color sign that is visible from the street.

Vehicle window wraps are also available from our team here at Blue Dot Signs, and you can always order custom window wraps for cars. But these types of signs are best known for use on the street-side of buildings, showing off the message that the business wants to share.

Uses of Window Wraps

Window Wraps are a unique type of sign. As a wide format printing, these signs have more than one use. For example:

  • Store Window Signs – These window wraps are perhaps most commonly used as store window signs. From announcing a sale or event to sharing information that relates to what’s inside, this type of window wrap advertising can have a powerful effect on consumers, especially those walking by your property.
  • Branding Signs – It is because they are such good store window signs that they are also useful for branding. When someone sees your window on their way to work, they begin to recognize you even before they go window on their way to work, they begin to recognize you even before they go near your buildings. This helps with your branding efforts.
  • Decoration – Finally, these store signs are not just for advertising. They can also simply be decoration. Across NJ, window wraps provide a full color decorative display that is much more pleasing to the eye than some type of traditional paint.
    These are all different, unique ways that you can use these signs to help grow your business and take advantage of a space that you already have.

Window Wraps for Business

At Blue Dot Signs in New Jersey, we genuinely believe that these window wraps have benefits that are more advantageous than many other types of signs. Some of these benefits include:

  • Large, Visible Sign – Window wraps are one of the largest signs that you can place at eye level. They are a type of large format printing that few other sign ideas can match, sometimes as large as a billboard without requiring you purchase any extra space.
    Great for Branding – Window signs are memorable. They cause people to picture your storefront and your brand. When someone is looking for you, they’ll remember where to find you, what you’re about, and more.
  • Removable – Unlike painting a wall or window, each of these vinyl window signs can be easily removed with a few simple steps. That means that you can still decorate properties without worrying about affecting their value.

Each of these signs acts like a window aluminum wrap, except these types of perforated window signs can still let in light depending on what you’re looking for. At Blue Dot Signs, where we specialize in designing custom signs in all shapes and sizes, our window wraps in NJ are one of our best products – perfect for those companies that are really looking to make a difference in their business’s appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Window Wraps

Window Wrap

Can Window Wraps Be Reused?

Generally, no. Window wraps are large, and usually require an adhesive to ensure that it sticks on cleanly. This is also designed to protect your investment into your window wrap. Rarely are window wraps made with static cling material, which is reusable, unless the window is decal sized.

Can Window Wraps Be Two Sided?

Window wraps can be made to be double sided, although it is strongly recommended that double sided window wraps use only opaque vinyl.

Do Window Wraps Block All Light?

Window wraps can be made with different types of vinyl. Most forms of vinyl, including perforated and transparent, can allow a lot of light in. Only opaque vinyl film blocks all lighting. This is more commonly used by those that need privacy. Perforated window wraps allow people to see out but no one can see in, which tends to make them a more popular option.

How Long Can I Expect My Window Wrap to Last?

Window graphics are meant to last for many years. The vinyl is high quality, and typically can last about 5 years when well maintained. Vinyl is not fragile, but it is possible for it to get damaged which may shorten its lifespan.

I Have Special Window Shapes – Can You Make a Wrap For Me?

Yes, absolutely. We’ll discuss the types of windows you have and what they look like to determine the best way to make a window wrap that fits them perfectly.