Window Wraps

Temporary Window Vinyl Stickers and Graphics for Businesses and Retail Stores

Temporary Window Vinyl Stickers and Graphics for Businesses and Retail Stores

Part of marketing a company effectively is learning to use your space in the most efficient and effective way possible. While so much time is focused on signs that hang outside, signs that are on billboards, walls, doors, and more, the savvy companies have learned that one of the best places to have a sign is on a window.

Blue Dot Signs creates high quality window wraps for businesses both large and small. These window wraps in NJ provide a type of store window sign that is perfect for attracting business, and has several related benefits that are worth it for your company.

Temporary Window Vinyl Stickers and Graphics for Businesses and Retail Stores

Window wraps are signs, usually made of vinyl, that stick to a window like a decal, but cover the entire window from top to bottom to create a full color display that is easily noticeable. Vinyl window wraps allow for full color prints that match the size and shape of your window. They seal over the window perfectly, turning it into a full color sign that is visible from the street.

Customized Window Wraps

Window wraps are printed on lightweight and durable vinyl with an adhesive backing. This allows them to stick to the window for several years, but also to be removed at any point when no longer needed. The vinyl is manufactured by 3M or Avery Denison, both of which are the major producers in the industry.

The main types of window wraps include:

  • Opaque: This solid vinyl, usually in white, lets no light pass through. They also provide complete privacy.
  • Translucent: This film will let in light, often in whichever colors are in the wrap’s design, and can be somewhat seen through. The amount of light and ability to look through translucent vinyl does depend on the colors and graphics.
  • Window Mesh: Mesh is an opaque vinyl with holes perforated into it. It lets in light and can be seen through from one side, behind the design. It provides privacy from the other side.

Temporary window wraps can be customized to fit both your windows and your businesses brand aesthetic with endless options for:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Design

Designs are printed directly onto the vinyl from the original file using latex, UV-resistant inks. Opaque vinyl with its white surface provides the crispest colors, although transparent and perforated window mesh will also have clear colors and sharp graphics.

Customized Window Wraps

Professional installation is recommended for window wraps as these are often larger vinyl pieces and it can be a challenge to align them and remove bubbling in the film. As 3M preferred vinyl installers, we can place full and partial window wraps at your business.

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Benefits of Storefront Window Wraps

At Blue Dot Signs in New Jersey, we genuinely believe that these window wraps have benefits that are more advantageous than many other types of signs. Some of these benefits include:

  • Large, Visible Sign: Window wraps are one of the largest signs that you can place at eye level. They are a type of large format printing that few other sign ideas can match, sometimes as large as a billboard without requiring you purchase any extra space.
  • Great for Branding: Window signs are memorable. They cause people to picture your storefront and your brand. When someone is looking for you, they’ll remember where to find you, what you’re about, and more.
  • Removable : Unlike painting a wall or window, each of these vinyl window signs can be easily removed with a few simple steps. That means that you can still decorate properties without worrying about affecting their value.

Each of these signs acts like a window aluminum wrap, except these types of perforated window signs can still let in light depending on what you’re looking for. At Blue Dot Signs, where we specialize in designing custom signs in all shapes and sizes, our window wraps in NJ are one of our best products – perfect for those companies that are really looking to make a difference in their business’s appearance.

Where Window Wraps Are Used

While custom window wraps can be created for any window and with any design, they are most often used on storefronts. Here they can provide the company name or advertise a product. They are most often found at:

  • Fast Food and Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Office Partitions
  • Movie Shoots
  • General Contractors

Vehicle window wraps are also available from our team here at Blue Dot Signs, and you can always order custom window wraps for cars. But these types of signs are best known for use on the street-side of buildings, showing off the message that the business wants to share.

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Contact Us for Your Custom Window Wraps in NJ

Blue Dot Signs has been creating window wraps and graphics for several decades for businesses in NJ and NYC. Over the years, we have invested in the newest technology and techniques so that we can produce any type of custom sign. Our process also makes it possible to create signs more affordably for our customers. For more information about any of our window wraps, or any of the signs that we can create for your business, please feel free and contact us today. We are also able to provide you with design and installation services if you need them, and fast turnaround options are available.